There are two alternative paths a student can follow in the e-archidoct course. The Full Course’ path and the Selected Modules’ path.

The Full Course path is addressed to:

1. Master or equivalent five-year degree graduates from Partner Institutions.

2. Master or equivalent five-year degree graduates from any institution worldwide offering architectural education recognized by the state and giving access to the architectural profession.

Candidates who fulfil the above conditions and want to follow the Full Course path have to select from the offered course a number of modules, corresponding to 30 ECTS credits. The e-archidoct certificate (e-archidoct ‘passport’ to doctoral studies in architecture) signed by all the tutors who deliver the selected courses will accompany the successful completion of these 30 credits.

Subscription fees:

For candidates graduated from Partner Institutions:   Free
For candidates graduated from any other Institution: 1000 Euros