The e-archidoct post-master studies structure

The e-Campus offers students who want to follow doctorate studies a preparatory introductory e-course, which could be considered as a ‘Passport to doctorate studies’. Its main pedagogical objective is to fulfil the list of competences the group of partners defined by Action 1. Each institution offers a small number of distance learning e-modules (1-3), which deal with specific issues of architectural research, experimentation and thinking according to the special interests of the institutions and the persons involved in the activities of the Campus . It means that the e-Campus offers in this e-course about 20 -23 e-modules in total.

  • Each e-module asks from a student to develop with the help of a tutor some educational activities such as small-scale exercises, dissertations, inquiries, design projects, etc., which aim at enhancing his/her critical thinking and research interest and at focusing and tuning specific research interests.
  • Each institution defines the contents and the educational approaches through which the above-mentioned competences will be assured.
  • To complete the ‘passport’ cycle the students have to select and complete successfully a number of e-modules from different partners corresponding to 30 ECTS points, that is to say an equivalent of a full-time academic semester . This number of credits appeared as a minimum preliminary number agreed upon by the partners at a very early stage of this project. The number of credits will become eventually larger in the case that the partners consider it feasible, necessary and academically correct. In any case, what was agreed is that the proposed course must not appear as competitive to the existing annual post-master courses offered by a number of partners in the e-Campus. Taking into account that an average credit number per course will be around 4, each student taking part in the course will have to follow about 7 modules of the e-Campus.
  • Partners will define the credits corresponding to each e-module according to the workload of each e-module. (The larger the number of e-modules the students have to choose from the better).
  • The successful completion of this course will give them an advantage (and in some partners to fulfil the condition) in their application for a doctorate programme at the partner institutions.
  • The recruitment of the students and the evaluation of their performance will be subject to agreement between partners.